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Bible Teachers

Exceptional Christian teaching, all free to share 

Find below links to a collection of highly recommended Christian audio and video sermons and quality in depth written resources.


The teaching you will find is from very credible and anointed teachers of the Bible created over many years. Subjects range from foundational Christian truths to developing in spiritual gifts, church organisation and much more. Let us move onto the meat of the word here. Hebrews 5:14.


Be built up and strengthened in your Christian walk with these excellent materials.

C.L Parker 

Parkers style of teaching was to allow his students to ask questions as the lecture proceeded, and sometimes this would drive him back to the Word of God to search out the answers. So both he and his students grew in their understanding of the Scriptures, and there are many alive today who still remember with gratitude how his teaching revolutionised their Christian lives and their theology.

Parker's Bible teaching is a must read and can be found for free Here

Bill Turner, Prophet and Bible Teacher

Bill was the genuine article, a man who ‘walked the talk’ and wonderfully used by God. His teaching ministry was outstanding, and aimed at equipping Christians properly. From bi-location, healing, and prophecy to raising the dead, Bill’s experience is still invaluable. As a teacher, he was keen that others in the body of Christ also learn to walk in New Testament power.

Explore Bill's superb studies, audio and video sermons for free Here

Alister Hamilton

Alastair's studies appeal for us to have a correct understanding of vitally important Christian Truths so that individual believers can overcome the terrible dark days of the Great Tribulation ahead. Alister's extensive studies at 'Truth for the Last Days' can be freely downloaded Here

'The Fulness of Time' A prophetic voice

This author gives us a remarkable level of insight into our place and purpose in end time prophecy that is happening right now across the earth. The study is full of scripture and bible based prophecy that is unfolding today. Freely read and download Here


Recommended - Open Doors an International charity that offers support to persecuted Christians across the world. Find out more about Open Doors via the link below.


Read an extensive study of current end time events happening now. Engage with prophetic teaching from anointed Teachers of the Bible created over many years on this vital subject. This material is full of revelation.


Recommended - The Christian Institute is an excellent support for those facing legal matters because of their Christian faith.

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